end of the road…

On Weds 1st March it will be the last planned showing of our charity film, do you own the dancefloor?

We have decided to wind down approaching cinemas to put it on, but if any do get in touch of course we’d have a chat. If it helps us raise more for Kidneys for Life & Cancer Research, we’ll do it.
Tv doesn’t look like it will come off, but I’ll never give up on that.

So after 1st Mar you might not hear much about the film… I will be sharing some pics & videos that I’ve collected along the way just to round things off, and I’ll post something to say thanks to all of the fantastic people I’ve met.

See you in a bit…


If you do want to know how this all started, way back when…have a read of this…

How it all started…

I think it was 7/8 yrs ago when the whole idea for this started, when I was at a wedding chatting to a Mark, a friend of mine, about  piece of wood that I have on my wall at home. That piece of wood was from a club called the Hacienda. It was at that point when Mark egged me on to make a film and track down other pieces from the iconic venue. We’d both agreed that I liked to talk about other people’s films a lot, and was very opinionated 🙂 and so why didn’t I “see if I could do better than everyone at making films…” Never one to back down from a drunken agreement…

I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to tell a story.

The first person I met was Stu, who lived in Horwich, a top place not too far from Rivington Pike…you should go.
I saw him leave his house one day loading a ‘big camera’ into his van. I thought he’d laugh when I approached & said “hello” & asked if he’d help me make a film about the Hacienda & give all of the profits away.

We then met Dan…and the whole thing took on a magical life of it’s own. I’m sure most people worked out that I was making things up as I went & thanks to you all, if you’re reading this, for not pointing out that you knew.

Our first I’view, was Clint Boon at XFM…yes CLINT BOON!, the very one who I’d wondered at, when I saw the Inspiral Carpets headline the Reading festival in 1990. You can listen to that amazing gig here. Seconds before the I’view, when Stu shouted, “Chris, we’re ready for you..” I had been to the gents, and got so nervous I nearly legged it and ran out of the building.

Clint was brilliant, he showed us his bricks, told us “we have a lot of gnomes in our house, my dad used to make gnomes” (watch our film and it will all make sense), and chatted about music for ages. Such a star…

After a celebratory McDonald’s with Stu & Dan, I soon realised I didn’t know anyone connected to the Hacienda or who had any items from it…

So I tracked down Marc Starr and Andy Spinoza…

9 thoughts on end of the road…

  1. Will the film ever be available to buy on DVD/stream? I’m up in NE Scotland and never had the chance to see it 🙁

  2. So whats the plan sith the film guys if you are not doing showings?

    I presume the lack of a dvd etc is due to a lack of distributor?

    You should probably remove the coming soon dvd logo from your website homepage and just upload to you tube

  3. Please, please launch a pay per view version on the web. A lot of us just couldn’t get to the showings but are desperate to see the movie. Please….

  4. any chance to buy the documentary?
    When I was 19 years old in 1990, my then boyfriend and I traveled from a small town in the south of Germany to Manchester. just to be at the hacienda once.

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  6. how can I view the documentary ? can’t find it on youtube or anywhere on the web…


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